The following names are from the picture but not in order

          Charles Evens, Vernon Cochenour, Estella Job, Beulah Wingert, William O'Neal, Harold Walker, Mary Scott, Madge Downing, Gilbert Hunter,
          William O'Daniel, Chalmer Myles, David Mace, Charlotte Jones, Mildred Richardson, Guy Michael, Esther Sutherlin, Teddy Querry, Earl Layne,
          Charles Hurst, Frank Beebe, Edna Routt

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   1.      2.    3.    4.
   5.      6.    7.    8. Charles Hurst
   9.      10. Edna Routt  11.  12. Mildred Richardson
  13.   14.  15.  16.
  17.   18.

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